Thank You For Your Patience

Partly Sunny


It’s been a long journey as PartlySunny took some time to re-focus, work on some new exciting projects and to start a new business. Thank you being such a huge support from the start. What I have learned the most from blogging is that I have gained the trust of many of you. I’ve also learned that the “fashion” blog-sphere is a very crowded one. As I continue with my blogging journey I’d  like to stay true to myself and I’d like to be as unique as possible. Although I’d like to keep “fashion” as a main focus, I don’t want it to be the only focus. I plan on keeping my content, light, fun and informative.

I believe that in order for one to come back, one must have to leave. I got this quote from my dear partner whom just gives the best advice.

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Where You’ll Find Me | New Blog

Snow Man

Happy holidays to all. (I was greeted by this cute little snow man at my local cafe and it just made my day so I had to share). Just a reminder, I haven’t left this blog. I was simply taking some time to re-group and to get started on my new venture. You can now find me at I launched an online jewelry and accessories store this year and I’ll continue to blog as Partly Sunny here. It’s been double the work and the risk but it’s been double the fun and I thank you for being patient and for your continued support.

Shut Up I Love This

Partly Sunny’s new home is back better then ever with better content and a new fresh look. The old site will stay running with all my other

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A Little Note & Some News | New Shop

I just wanted to take this opportunity firstly to THANK everyone and anyone who has ever dropped by the blog (even if it were just for one second). I am grateful for given the chance as I know that there are so many blogs out there to choose from, it’s like a visual tornado. I’ve spent the last few months working on the re-brand of and on a new project called “Shut Up I Love This”. The old blog will still be around and all posts will be archived, however new posts will now be {here}. So let’s start all over again and meet each other for the first time right now.



I’m a dog person, I love a strong fringe and I am obsessed with short hair

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Industry Insider: Anya Georgijevic

We see each other quite often, either at an event, out walking our dogs or just strolling in the neighborhood. I finally got the chance to asking Anya for an “Industry Insider”. Thanks again for taking the time on these questions!

Who: I wear many hats: Vancouver correspondent, FLARE; beauty editor,; blogger,

Anya PartlySunny Head Shot

What you do: Most of my days basically consist of writing and research, although I occasionally spend two hours testing various nail polishes, lipsticks, masks, and whatever else lands on my desk. It’s a tough job, but, hey, someone’s got to do it.

Where your favorite spots are: I travel a lot and love every minute of it, but some places just feel like home. It’s hard to explain; it’s about the feeling. I love San Francisco’s hills, Paris’s Montmartre neighbourhood (pictured),

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Bed Time Just Got Better | Product Therapy

As if her life is not already busy (being a new mother and all). Alexandra Suhner Isenberg is the founder of the blog “Searching For Style”, also the Fashion Editor for  Vitamin Daily, she teaches at Visual College of Art and Design and now, she’s just launched a new project called, The Sleep Shirt.

The Sleep Shirt

It all started off with a 19th century chemise Isenberg found in Spitalfield’s market in London. In falling in love with the most coziest sleep shirt ever, she found a Canadian factory to manufacture something like it and the rest is history. Have you ever slept in your boyfriend’s/husband’s button up shirt? Well this is 1000 x times better. Right now the night shirt it is offered in one fabric, a blue and white pinstripe, it’s one

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Good Relationships Help

As a Footwear Buyer I deal with a variety of people everyday and dealing with people effectively is crucial to ... more ...

Turning 35

I don’t usually write about things like this on my blog but it’s a momentous year for me. I turned ... more ...
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