Thank You For Your Patience

Partly Sunny


It’s been a long journey as PartlySunny took some time to re-focus, work on some new exciting projects and to start a new business. Thank you being such a huge support from the start. What I have learned the most from blogging is that I have gained the trust of many of you. I’ve also learned that the “fashion” blog-sphere is a very crowded one. As I continue with my blogging journey I’d  like to stay true to myself and I’d like to be as unique as possible. Although I’d like to keep “fashion” as a main focus, I don’t want it to be the only focus. I plan on keeping my content, light, fun and informative.

I believe that in order for one to come back, one must have to leave. I got this quote from my dear partner whom just gives the best advice. The current site is going through a re-branding phase. In the meantime please visit me {HERE} for my new blog posts.

Thank you again for being such loyal fans and business partners during this journey and thank you again for your patience!

With Love,


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