Happy 10th Anniversary to The Cheaper Show

The Cheaper expects a huge turn out for their 10th anniversary event tonight, June 25th, 2011. Their doors open to the public at 6PM and I would suggest that you be prepared and bring an umbrella, the weather is not co-operating with us today and you’ll be in a line. The Mount Pleasant exhibition space, will be displaying 400 pieces of art from 200 artists will sell for just $200 each and it’s expected that close to 10,000 art lovers will be attending one-night art blitz.

The Cheaper Show
Applicants this year came from all over the world, as far as Chile, the UK, the UAE and the Philippines. The show is unique as it offers the public a chance to view a wide range of work from emerging local and worldly artists … more …

DIY: It’s All In the Words

I’ve had the same art on my bathroom walls for about 2 years and I needed to make a switch fast. My challenge? Not to spend a dime. I found a way to do a simple D.I.Y project that even the most non-artistic person can do. I kept the existing frames, picked some fabulous quotes, got them printed and I re-framed them! Et-Voila, easy, simple, fast and inexpensive lazy art for the walls.

Thanks to the help of my trusty boyfriend (whom has a plethora of fonts), I now have some fun, inspiring and positive quotes to stare at while I do my make-up in the morning.

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Paint Along

My girlfriends and I came across a little painting studio which offers BYOB Painting Classes for the budding artist within and the fact that you can enjoy a glass of wine whilst expressing your inner Picasso, just makes painting so much more fun!

Located in the heart of the Flatiron district, the Paint Along studio fits a class of about 12 people. When we went, they were mostly ladies, looking forward to learning a thing or two about canvases and acrylics. The Paint Along crew is friendly and super-helpful. The 2 hour class takes you step by step and shows you how to create lovely paintings fit to be displayed in any home! When you sign up online, you’re able to select what you’d like to paint. They have a calendar … more …

Think Outside The Chalkboard

With Idea Paint you can turn almost any flat surface into a dry erase board. $29.99 gets you enough paint to cover 6 sq. ft. and it’s as simple as it sounds - paint the surface of your choosing to convert into a doodling, brainstorming, note-taking haven. From “drywall, plaster, tables, bikes, garden gnomes, small ceramic cats” all you have to do is prep and prime the surface before you start. IdeaPaint will be as smooth as the surface you paint.

Save the environment by minimizing paper waste and there’s no need to worry about toxic chemicals.  It is formaldehyde-free, and releases no harmful gases once it’s dry.


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Mono Capsule Collection: Flight

If you ever dreamed about taking light, floating in the air like a hot air balloon or perhaps drifting away like a kite, I think you would deeply appreciate the mono clothing “flight” capsule collection. Every piece is designed with airy movements in mind and made with top quality knits and jerseys.

Come August 5 2010, the first edition of the mono nomadic shop will open in Vancouver called the MONOSHOP: PROVISIONAL and the space will feature the FLIGHT 2.0 collection along with several installations and 2 film works. It will stay open until September 11, 2010 and the space will then be overhauled and transformed into a showroom space that will showcase the next series, EQUILIBRIUM.

If you’d like to get your hands some of these exclusive pieces before August … more …

Good Relationships Help

As a Footwear Buyer I deal with a variety of people everyday and dealing with people effectively is crucial to ... more ...

Turning 35

I don’t usually write about things like this on my blog but it’s a momentous year for me. I turned ... more ...
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