DIY: Denim Cut Offs - Shades of Blue

I’m not singing the blues as Vancouver’s glorious summer weather as finally arrived. To celebrate, I decided to make denim shorts. It’s time to bare these pale legs of mine. I had posted a comment on Twitter a while back asking if I was too old to be wearing denim cut off shorts. I got some great responses back saying that “age is just a number” and that “if you still got it, rock it”. However, I still think you have to be “age appropriate” when you are wearing your shorts, (no butt cheeks hanging out for me please).

I found this great post from the Glamourai on D.I.Y. denim shorts and I thought it was so timely. It really helped me on the “cutting side” of things. So, I just

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Three Things

 It’s been a busy last few days as I start transitioning in summer. Here are three things I’m currently lusting over:

Denim: I have a new found love (yet again) with the denim shirt. Pairing it with statement necklaces and perhaps a bright colored jean is the way to go this summer.

denim shirt

Toe Caps: Probably my favourite shoe detail right now. Buy a pair with a neutral color-block, one pair that has a super bright color pop and one with a metal tip. You’re set.

toe cap shoes

Getting healthy and during summer is the best time for it. I’m doing a 3 day a week raw food program for 4 weeks with Organic Lives. Green drinks and smoothies packed full of power and goodness for my body.

juice smoothies

Sunny Shum, Vancouver Fashion Blogger

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Sea of Shoes in Simone

Lovely to see the face of Jane Aldridge, blogger of Sea of Shoes, on Simone’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection lookbook.

Simone’s collection is a blend of metallic materials and animal prints…add some denim and ruffles to it too. I can not forget to mention the nautical stripes and corset lacing. I know it appears it’s everything and the kitchen sink. But for some reason, like Jane Alderidge’s style, no matter how it’s pieced together, it just works.

Sunny Shum, Your Industry Insider | Follow me @partly_sunny

simone corsetsimone denimsimone lacesimone metallic

Super Soft Denim

I recently spotted one of my contributors Kimberlee, sporting a new pair of sleek indigo leggings. As I got up closer for a look, I realized they were actually ultra light weight denim by Mavi jeans.

I immediately rushed over to one of their locations to try a pair on. They are extremely comfortable and fit like a glove. Literally like a thicker pair of leggings with a zipper and pockets! I loved them so much I bought them in both washes: Black and Dark Indigo.

$78 CDN, style SERENA at the Mavi Store.

Sunny Shum, Your Industry Insider | Follow me @partly_sunny

New Jeans That Look Used

Distressed and destroyed denim has been making a strong come back. Primarily because the 80’s rock looks are getting more attention.

Most people don’t understand why ‘ripped’ and distressed jeans are usually more expensive compared to your regular jeans. Having worked in the denim industry for 7 years, I can tell you the process in comparison is much lengthier.

Once the jeans have been washed thoroughly with pumice stones they are frayed, distressed and cut by hand. They get re-washed and then the holes and frays are reinforced to make sure they put.  Then, they get washed again until the desired colour and hand (feel) is achieved. In addition to all the back and forth, some of these processes are done in different factories which adds to the process time. … more …

Good Relationships Help

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Turning 35

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